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 There are currently builders next door extending my neighbours house, and I’ve been taking them tea every morning in a bid to flirt my way in to sneaking some stuff in to their skip. 
What they don’t realise is that, once I’m gone, yes I can hear what they’re saying through my bathroom window. 
Now instead of the usual sexist slurs I was expecting, I got my comeuppance for eavesdropping when I overheard them debating how the hell a single woman in her 20s can own quite so many cats without the authorities getting involved. They have a game going on where they guess what the names are. My fave so far is “Havisham”.
I’d have rather had the sexist slurs, to be fair. So this morning I took them their tea wearing my favourite cat scarf (pictured) and watched as they tried to keep straight faces and not look directly at one another. The minute I closed the door, raucous laughter ensued. 
And that’s Friday.